Saturday, April 22, 2017

Blue Botnet - - Skidd ( kingv )

So another skid tryed infect my honeypot and infecting it whith Blue Bot
also here is his c&c

hxxp://  60 bots

Well he is running some bitcoin bizz dunno to bored to translate that but anyway he provides us an email to him an some bank account nummbers , so lets just serch more about him maybe somthying interesting in google or facebook .

So found his bank account nummer on some forum that link to his nick
so but he wana be a legit seller and a good guy and ye he provides us a phone nummer and his real name of course .
Saad Saleh Rashed
Al Rajhi Account Number / 11860801021****
Mobile 0551858***

okej but hope that info does not link to his ffacebook acc .. or ?
yep ! damm no pic's but his  status says It's complicated!! maybe later more on this skidd :) peace .